About Undicisettembre

The Undicisettembre blog was born in 2006 on the initiative of the IT journalist Paolo Attivissimo to deal with the spread of conspiracy theories about the attacks of September 11, 2001. The blog was initially aimed at showing how alternative theories were based on errors in the application of physical laws and often also on the bad faith of authors who exploited the emotions of the public to sell DVDs, books, T-shirts and gadgets of all sorts.

The first publication of Undicisettembre dates back to 6 July 2006 with this article. Over the years the site has evolved and moved on to the historical reconstruction of the events, collecting interviews of survivors, rescuers and witnesses, and to the investigation of the real gray areas of 9/11, such as the involvement of personalities linked to the government and the secret service of Saudi Arabia in supporting terrorists in organizing the attacks.

All the material you find here is made available to everyone free of charge. Unlike conspiracy theorists, we don't have any T-shirts, pins, mugs, or DVDs to make money on, and we don't host banner ads.

We received the normal journalistic fee for the books and technical advice requested by television broadcasters, but all our material contained in those texts is still available free of charge in this blog. Even our videos are not for sale but are freely downloadable and distributable.

We reinvest all fees in research and pay ourselves for software, books, audiovisual material, travels and everything needed for our research. These investigations are carried out for passion, not for money: we are not here to make money on the tragedies of others. To date, the authors of Undicisettembre are Paolo Attivissimo (IT journalist and expert in disinformation in digital media, CV) and Leonardo Salvaggio (previously known by the nickname Hammer, IT engineer by profession and investigative blogger and YouTuber by hobby, Linktree).

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