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Undicisettembre is a blog about research into little-known aspects of the 9/11 tragedy and conspiracy theory debunking. Its aim is to provide an Italian-language reference on these subjects, but some articles are also published in English or have an English abstract.

The blog is edited by Paolo Attivissimo, a British-Italian journalist, and written by Italian technical experts in various fields relevant to 9/11 research, such as airline and military pilots, intelligence experts, chemists, physicists, and engineers. Due to the aggressive and intrusive behavior of some conspiracy theorists, some of these experts have chosen to remain anonymous for now.

Undicisettembre does not endorse an "official" version of 9/11: it endorses common sense and accurate, fact-based, unprejudiced research.

We have no gadgets, books or DVDs to sell and no banner adverts. We don't earn any money from the sale of any books or DVDs mentioned here. Everything you find here is provided for free as long as you link back to the source and comply with copyright.

As in any research into a complex and controversial subject, mistakes may creep in, so properly documented corrections and updates are always welcome. You can contact us in Italian and English.

Articles in English are listed here.

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